July 1, 2005

Measure your words before you speak Tom!

Whew!!! This guy is sooo on my nerves!! He may be a scientology expert but he is not a medical expert. First of all I would like to say, I was just as hard on Rev. John MacArthur when he judged this issue several years ago. I don't have it "out" for Tom Cruise, but I read the interview with Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show. His arrogance was disturbing. And he repeatedly said "I know, you don't know" to Matt Lauer. (Ritalin & Paxil are not anti-psycotic drugs) He did not seem credible.

Not only does Tom Cruise have resources for "vitamins", professional trainers and even paid nannies, but he also has influence over the masses. People of influence should measure their words before they speak, because it will make a difference in someone else's life. You might laugh and say, "..Not me!" But in this country where Hollywood is a god, that is a true statement.

I too, am not a fan of putting ANYONE on medication, but sometimes it is necessary. His condescending remarks might spurn people to re-consider why they take certain meds in the first place. That's good! But he has also created a doubt in the minds of people who need them. "Am I a bad person?...maybe my son/daughter really doesn't really need a med?"

Some children with ADHD, cannot perform at school even though they live in a consistent, constant, structured environment at home. Even typing the word "perform" is painful but this is especially true of foster children, suffering from neglect and abuse. Some need a psychotropic med such as Ritalin to help them focus and function OR they will loose their placements or get expelled from school, both causing further disruptions in their lives.

If we sent 75 foster kids over to Tom's house next weekend, I am sure he would make project out of them and claim to Oprah/Dave Letterman/Matt Lauer that he had redeemed the children from the clutches of meds/psychiatry. But the real heroes are people who daily invest into their lives, not promising these children a lot of solutions, but promising to work to make their lives a tad better. For these children do not necessarily hold the promise of unconditional love in their hearts.

Tom... there are tons of people out there who don't want to be on meds or don't want kids on meds, and there are all kinds of versions as to who should or shouldn't take medications. You seem to have all the answers! But you don't know their stories, nor do you seem to care. You do care about your new movie, your girlfriend..oh and your religion....I hope you are making a lot of points, because your unmeasured words are self-promoting and harmful to more than you'll ever know.

Later - The above comment sounds noble but my first response was.."what is this guy smoking??" that's how erratic he seemed.

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