July 2, 2005

The Flag Thief

My dad was very patriotic, he loved the American flag. Shortly before he died, dad purchased small flags for all the children in the family. He had all the flags on a TV tray set up to distribute to the kids. He called all the children and individually handed them a flag. He had made little flag holders with some clay and a silver half dollar for a base. At nearly 85, in a family that respected age, he left a lasting impreession on the children.

So when Katie came home from school claiming her flag had been "stolen" the following conversation insued.

mom: Stolen? What flag are you talking about?

katie: (with a "duh-mom" expression on her face) My flag from Pop!!!

mom: Oh honey, I don't think anyone would stole your flag. Who would steal a flag, maybe you misplaced it. Is it the money you think is stolen?(finally remembering the flag with the half dollar)

katie: My money is upstairs!! It's my flag, my "Pop flag"

mom: Honey we'll get another flag.(I tried to console her)

katie: No!! I don't want a flag! I want my "Pop-flag" back....and someone stole it"

Katie was inconsolable, so I marched myself to school the next day to talk to her teacher about this missing/stolen flag. Mrs. Portante immediately addressed it as a serious issue. No, she had no clue where it had gone but all agreed that Katie had brought it to school, showed everyone and she had not taken it home but kept it on the corner of her desk, somewhat like a trophy. When it wasn't there the next day, the children were incensed and had searched everyone's desk and the entire room..but no...it was gone and Katie was heartbroken. All agreed this was a tragedy that someone had stolen Kate's beloved flag.

Katie remained sad for quite a while. but several weeks later she came running to the car, flag in hand!! Marlo had arrived at school that morning with her flag declaring with deep regret that his baby brother Ryan Jon had been found in his carseat waving Katie's flag. Marlo rescued the flag and much to his mother's dismay, declared Ryan Jon the true thief! Katie did not blame Marlo, but she had some serious concerns that he had to dwell under the same roof with a flag-thief. and that maybe Ryan Jon would grow up to steal flags everywhere.

I am sure that flag is long gone, and Ryan Jon is a great young man, and maybe Katie will always be my "drama queen" but God bless the hearts of children when they band together to fight against evil!

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