May 10, 2005

Nestor's Castle & Dinner with the President

I once knew a boy named Nestor, he was in my daughter Patience's class. I always liked him a lot. He was small and had dark brown eyes. Having moved from Amish country in Pennsylvania, South Florida was quite a change for our family. especially the diversity of cultures. So when Nestor told his classmates he had a castle in Spain, I thought it might be possible. Well I guess I wanted it to be possible because I liked Nestor so much and I wanted him to have a castle. Patience, on the other hand, wasn't so sure but discussed the possibilities of his story with her friends daily. I think most of the other children pretty much thought he was lying, until he returned from summer vacation with a picture of "his castle" Well that silenced his classmates but Patience asked me just the other day if I thought Nestor really had a castle.

I thought of Nestor this week when my friend Abdul told me the President had called him and invited him to the White House for dinner. I knew he was leaving the nursing home and moving out west closer to friends and family, we even exchanged addresses to keep in touch. Such a kind, gentle man...not mentally impaired like most I see at the nursing home, I thought the plan seemed like a good one. Late last week the plans changed, he'd be traveling to D.C. before going west, the President had called him. Tonight he showed me his flight arrangements printed off the internet...yup..going to DCA.

So I am just sitting here, saying a little prayer, thanking God for dreams. I hope somewhere Nestor is having a great life living in his castle and next week I hope big guy doesn't serve pork and he enjoys Abdul as much as I do.

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patience said...

i suddenly feel very guilty about poor's awful when someone challenges something you hold dear and makes you feel important. i always wondered what happened to him...