May 10, 2009

To My Girls On Mother's Day!

Being a mother to our four girls, was what I dreamed of my whole life. Well, actually I dreamed of having 4 boys, but when each daughter arrived, there was no disappointment, we could not have been happier. In those days, most moms did what I was doing, I didn't know a lot of working mothers and the few I knew, well, I felt badly for them that they had to leave their kids all day, most didn't want to. My friends and I were just doing what our moms had done. Today I am remembering those dear friends. They made being moms together throughout the years, so much fun.

I remember how my nephew Dave would come home from work and find his wife Karen, my dearest friend and I laughing hysterically about nothing;

"What have you girls been doing all day?" he always asked half jokingly "What a fluff-life you two have!!" We both knew he was a little jealous of our life. WE did have a good life.

Some days, now that I am surrounded by working women, I look back and think, what a slacker I was, playing in a pool half the day with a bunch of kids! Maybe I should have gone back to work, heaven knows we needed the money from time to time. What did I do all those years when the girls finally went to school. Today, women "do it all" and very well too. So what did I do all those years??? Fortunately, I often run into people from my past, at a restaurant, on Facebook, at a funeral or even in Publix, and they remind me all I did throughout the years raising four children.
I prayed constantly and always for my girls, God was so kind to me throughout those years. My husband always believed I was the best mother ever, as did my own mother. I just lived life doing the best I could, I truly loved it all. They say with time memories fade, I hope not...I can still feel my heart beating fast in my chest, as Jennifer, wearing her navy blue smocked dress, carrying her new lunchbox stretched her tiny legs to climb on to that big yellow monster, like she was taking on the world. Or when Krissy did her "bright-lights" and her big brown eyes that were supposed to be blue widened like saucers making us all laugh, or when Jim and I watched Pachie singing and swinging happily in the backyard in Elverson, all by herself. Jim with arms around my waist and his head resting my shoulder, just watching; or Katie's sparkly eyes bringing me the smallest flowers, showing me a starry sky. Precious memories.......

My girls are amazing women today, each one brings a richness to her world by just being who she is. I am blessed to be their mother! They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me happy, they make me sad, but they fill my heart with a delight that cannot be contained. I thank God for how rich they have made my life, for being my teachers, for loving me and for showing me grace, and honoring me on this special day.

Jennifer, Krissy, Pache and Katie......I honor you today.....All my love, YMGH

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