May 6, 2009

I Love Blogging!

My kids put me on to blogging…they were on the ground floor when it took off. I thought our daughter invented it but that shows how naïve a proud parent can be. Now it seems EVERYONE has a blog for just about everything! A year or two ago, I attended a Health Foundation event where Steve Marcus (CEO) asked how many organizations and agencies present had a blog. Few hands went up but I was proud to raise mine as our agency had recently started one. He then asked how many people knew what a blog was. Shockingly…only a small percentage actually knew. In their defense, it was a group of people catering to social services, well known for being over-worked and underpaid, treading water rather than sprinting ahead. He then said, “Young people today are not getting their hands dirty from news print; they are following life on the internet.”

My sister reminds me that we are immigrants in this technological world while our grandchildren are natives. Even though I have so much to learn, I find myself helping my younger co-workers who are amazed that a woman my age has an iPhone. I just keep jumping in, hoping I will somehow stay in the technology race even when others are so far ahead, and everyday something new is being introduced. Some things seem silly to me, like Twitter, yes I am on there but I keep thinking....who the heck cares what I am doing!? But blogging...well I like it!
My real favorites are the everyday blogs people write about themselves and the life they are living. If you want an experience, just be a blogger on Blogspot and it will allow you the opportunity to move to the next blog. As I moved along it was absolutely amazing …in 20 blogs I had circled the world, and also visit a few old hometown sites. People blogging about their business, their children, ever advancing technology, their struggles, their memories, their dreams, their illness, their future…..the list goes on and on.

I enjoy writing and everyday I write a story in my head, no matter what I am doing or thinking, unfortunately it never reaches a paper or computer. And my journals are full of whining and moaning, not my stories or encounters with people. So a couple of years ago I began this blog. Having this blog has reminded me that writing is oh so important the older we get. But I didn't think anyone read it, and I felt quite comfortable because the comments didn't work. It feels safe, it causes me to remember to learn on the journey, to remember the stories of people around me..

I will admit, blogging isn’t for everyone, but I want to encourage those who say “I don’t have time”….you do because someone needs to hear your story, that is what life is about….telling our stories.

Here are some people who need a blog, Don March, my sister-in-law Jane, Lucy Hernandez, my husband, Sharah and Karen Grace. Go for it guys!!

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