December 31, 2006's a very sad world...

This has been a busy week trying to catch up at work, after spending a delightful time with our bright, adorable grandchildren. Unfortunately as I attempted to clear my desk, my eyes fell on several very, very sad stories. You wonder how life can go so wrong for some people, especially for children. When everything makes no sense to me, I find great comfort in knowing, a sovereign, Almighty and very loving God, must somehow eventually sort out all this cruel injustice.
While many people struggle to discover all the answers, at times I find comfort in knowing we are too mortal to ever figure life out, all the good and evil. While it never lessens my own faith, my heart is sad for the things that must break the very heart of God.
As I left the nursing home last night, there in the newspaper stand, the large headline on the late Miami Herald addition screamed "Saddam Hussein Hanged." I rummaged through my purse but finding no coins I headed for my car. I drove home mournfully. Why was I so sad? Wasn't Hussein a vicious, cruel person?? Why just that afternoon a dear friend had commented with joy, over the swift execution of this evil man. As I drove in the darkness, I wondered why this great sadness gripped my heart....I believe swift justice was good, didn't I??
Was I distressed for the suffering children I know, or was it my own personal uncovered pain?? I had a friend who would wail over the loss of her animals but remained totally in control and dry-eyed when true sadness or grief touched her life. That was a mystery to me until I realized she wasn't weeping for the animal, though she did care, but it was truly for all the pain in her heart never expressed. We all have some of that, maybe that was my problem?
I went to bed thinking about it...yes, I was sad for the children, probably sad for my own hidden pain , but surely I wasn't sad over the man who murdered countless men, women and defenseless children?? I thought about it..yes, in a way, I was sad about Hussein. Sad for the wickedness that wounds, destroys and even kills, no matter whose heart it comes from, no matter how big or small the offense, I knew for sure, laying there, that each one of us truly does need redemption only a Savior can give. I don't think everyone believes that but I do...because I need the love and grace He brings, the true message of Christmas.

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