April 9, 2005

Not too smart...that's me!!!

Recently #3 daughter shared a conversation she had with her first born following their trip to Miami. She hesitated when she told me, fearing I would be offended. Much to her chagrin it went something like this:

Josiah: Mama, Opa is very smart but Marm is not too smart....
Patience: Hmmm....what makes you say that Josiah?(a little taken back, thank the LORD she didn't readily agree-like "Wow you hit the money! Buddy!!- We've been saying that for years about old Marm!!)
Josiah: Well, Opa knows everything! He knows all about taking care of the pool, he's knows everything about fishing, he knows how to do Leggos! He knows everything!
Patience: And Marm?
Josiah: She doesn't even know how to do Leggos!!

In my defense.... I took care of that pool for years! And when we play Leggos, I try to make him feel important by showing me his expertise (which as a braggy grandmother, I must add...is amazing for a 5 year old) And I used to be great at catching sunfish decades ago but I'll admit, I get seasick now on the flat seas. Last time I went out in Aruba, I threw up on some guy's arm! So...okay... maybe I'm not so hot at fishing!

Patience: Is there something Marm is good at?
Josiah: Hmm..(this is the cute part, he had to really think about it.) Well, she's nice to us and brings us snacks!

I laughed and laughed as Patience apologized profusely. In truth....it was a wonderful compliment. I'm happy Josiah's Opa is smart, I'm married to him! But being nice is something I deeply value in a world that cries for kindness. So thanks sweet boy...I love you very much Josiah!

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