November 30, 2003

What should it be?

Ilove blogs but never knew exactly what kind of blog I wanted to have. Spill your guts, rant about people, Marmie(grandma) talk, obsure stories about foster care life, my spiritual journey, all the amazing old people I converse with??

Yes! I know what it will be...
(1) Anything I want to say!... no bologna..just from my heart, what I love, what makes me laugh and what makes me cry!.....oh but no least on my part!!....others may ;-) if anyone ever comments but I don't want to be doing that in the nursing home someday, so I shouldn't be practicing it now!! pet peeves will defintely be not lifting the gates at toll booths at rush hour and people who give change with the coins on top of the paper money.....oh boy this will be a very exciting blog.
(2) I want to record things my grandchildren might want to know about my life someday. The older you get, you want to know about the past but you see how busy you were young...too busy for important things like listening. I was like that, now all those people are gone from my life. Being the youngest of four and having parents who had me at nearly 40, they are no longer around to answer my many questions. Maybe I should write before I can no longer tell...

This will be fun!!!

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